Steel City Ninja has partnered up with Jewart's Gymnastics in order to bring the world of NINJA to the North Hills of Pgh. Jewart's Gymnastics has been a leader in the gymnastics industry for over 45 years and we are incredibly pleased with the union. Here is a list of programs we offer and a 2019-2020 schedule .

  • 3 Different Age Group Classes 

  • Adult Class 

  • 60 or 90 minute length classes

  • recreational or competitive ninja

  • Birthday parties - indoor and outdoor

  • Individual and Family Open Gyms

Fall 2019 Classes

Our Fall '19 schedule is LIVE and ready for registration. Below are some information on the small amount of changes that we are offering to our NINJA community.

Mon 4:30 Tue 4:30, Wed. 6:30

Mon 6:00 Wed. 8:00, Thur 4:30

Mon 7:00, Wed. 4:30, Thur. 7:00, Fri. 4:30

There will be 3 different age groups for our NINJA program - 7-9, 10-12 and 13-17. No matter you level of experience, our coaching staff will be able to specialize to your ability  while still catering to your social needs in our environment. Here we will work on individual obstacle strength, agility and the behavior modification of repetition as a primary goal. We will also having our AGN running through courses to prepare the next step of NINJA.

The 7-9 and 10-12 NINJA program will have an option to moving to the advanced level where a more serious approach to NINJA is worked on. If you want to run more course to prepare for semi-competitive and competitive events, especially if you are looking to tryout for our team, then this is the class for you. The teen and young adult program will work towards these goals in their AGN program.

We offer several different types of "Open Gyms". Below are some specifics about  each but all will be able to come and play on the obstacles they wish to be on.

Open Gym

Traditional Open Gym where athletes will be able to come onto the ninja course and be able to work on the amount of obstacles they wish to. Non-Ninja parts of the gym may be available as well but not guaranteed

Open Course

Athletes will be able to warm up for a small period of time on the course that is set up before each will have a timed run. Winners will be eligible for prizes or concessions for future events.

Make Up Class Protocol

Make ups must be used before the end of the following month. Below are some reminders on how to secure a spot for one that you may have.


  • Not all classes will be eligible for make up. Monthly members will be given 4 classes a month, extra classes may or may not come into account later in the year.

  • Make up class will be in your Parent Portal of Jewart's Gymnastics. You must register with the PP for each class that you plan on making up.

  • Only 1 make up per 2 months are allowed.

Weekend Warrior camps and open gyms are for those that are not available for mid-week classes or want extra time in the gym. As we get more opportunity for these types of events, there will be a cap to the amount of payment a family has to pay per month. Be sure to stay close to the most up to date information through all of the vehicles; email newsletter, website and Facebook. Here are some details..

  • Non-members will use the age bracket to determine which class they go into. Ninjas may be moved to different classes for subsequent WW camps/class.

  • members will register for the existing class they are currently enrolled in and receive a discount

  • members with 3 or or more a week memberships are always free!

  • members and non-members are required to have a waiver of liability with Steel City Ninja before they are allowed on the gym floor. Registering for any class or camp is recognition of this policy.


Non-Members   - $20 per session
Member     - $10
Team Member /Unlimited NINJA- Free

All participants, whether they are members or non-members must have a waiver filled out before entering the gym floor. It is strongly suggested to complete this before the day of your event in order to not delay any activity.

Registering for the perfect NINJA class is easy and will be done through the Parent Portal of Jewart's Gymnastics website. This web based program is your one stop destination to register online, pay your bill, view our class schedules update contact information or enroll in automatic payment. If you have been a client to Jewart's in the past, you have already been signed up with a username and password and won't need to re-register a new account. Go to the registration page and sign in. If you have forgotten either your username or password, click "forgot your password" and follow the directions. NEW to Jewart's? Sign up for a new account for free.


Steel City Ninja, L.L.C.