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Duration of Support      Unlimited         Silver         Bronze


18 + months-                    50%                 30%            20%

12-17 mo –                       30%                 20%            10%

6-11 mo –                         20%                 10%

0-6 mo –                           10%

Summer Camp 2021

Half and Full Day Sessions Available

Early Bird Registration is LIVE.

Each early bird registration will receive a pair of our latest T Holds. Ninja is way more than hanging. Join us for a Summer camp that will drive your athlete to be their very best! Ninja course runs, intra-program competitions, obstacle course racing fundamentals, Parkour, weight training, trail/outdoor time and more will be included each week. Every session will have a culminating event of Buzzer runs! Each participant will get a chance to showcase what they learned the preceding days against the clock. Fastest and furthest will receive a price each week.  By the time they return to school, THEY WILL BE A DIFFERENT KID!!

Discounts for tiered memberships and duration of your past support.


Discounts for multiple camps registered for the same child.  Buy 3 Sessions in a month, receive the 4th for FREE

Half Day and Full Day options available. Call for specific information on full day pricing. 412-606-6704

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