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Pictures Are Now Available

Ordering Pictures

Everyone will be able to download a picture from Steel City Ninja's Facebook page. Ordering additional pictures, please follow the instructions below.

Purchasing will be through the online store of SCN Mindbody, where you created an account. All requests will need to complete the form above in addition to purchasing through the online store. No cash or checks will be accepted.
1. Browse the pictures offered for your child on either day to see what ones interest you. Take note of the name or description of the ones you wish to purchase. Link to the pictures can be found directly below


Link to purchasing 1 Digital for $15


Link to purchasing all photos for $30





Link to pictures for SATURDAY

Link to Pictures SUNDAY

2. Complete registration form above or follow the link directly below.
Link to Registration form
3. We'll be in touch with the timeframe of your order.

Steel City Ninja, L.L.C.