Huwe Installation

July 13, 2019

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Hurst Home Park

February 08, 2017

Another great opportunity from a family ready to give the wonderful gift of NINJA. With the mild weathers the East Coast have been experiencing, SCN was able to work in and out of the precipitation and the kids are able to play NOW.

Snyder Family - Residential Installation - August 2016 Philadelphia, Pa

Our reputation for high qaulity ninja courses are traveling across the East Coast. This beauty was a celebration gift to one very special son!

Allison Biondi's Gymnastics - Commerical installation April, 2016

May 31, 2016

Steel City Ninja recently help Allison Biondi's Gymnastics by providing the community with a high demand ninja course so many have been asking for. By maximizing space, this course offers many traditional obstacles offered on American Ninja Warrior on NBC in a small area and allows for long-term develpment of the ninja athlete. 

This ninja additon made a very spacious and inclusive back yard a notch up into cool! Friends in the neighborhood love this gem from Steel City Ninja.

Navajo Ninja - Residential installation March, 2015

The beginning of it all for Steel City Ninja and continues to be a meca of new obstacles for the neighborhood ninjas. Located in Hampton Township in Allison Park, Pa, summer gatherings will be offered for all ages of athlete.

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Single - $20.00, without strap

Single w/ attachments - $35.00

Call for bundle package discounts

Cannonball Alley Holds

-various sizes available from        easy to very difficult

Call for prices on individual or bundle packages





A - 6"     $75.00

B - 4.5"  $45.00

C - 3.5"   $30.00

D - 3"      $20.00

Rock Climbing Holds

-various sizes available from        easy to very difficult

Hanging Rings - PVC

-the most basic level of ninja hanging

Cannonball Alley Holds

-various sizes available from        easy to very difficult

Numchuck Holds

-picture coming soon, various colors available

Training Parallettes-Must need for supplementation of ninja training

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