Evening Ninja

- 4:30-10:00 PM

No matter the service you wish to participate in, it will be a 2-part process. First, you will need to acquire a pass through a pricing option. THEN YOU WILL NEED TO BOOK THAT SERVICE WITH IT.  If you plan to or coming at a frequency of once per week or more, you should definitely be in our membership program. Members don't have to pay our yearly registration, get discounted passes and are allowed to come to private sessions periodically. You can cancel it at any time, so there is little reason to not give it a shot. Passes are replenished every 30 days from the day you purchase. Should you want to stop, you can still use the remaining passes until your last day!

Daytime Passes are only good during daytime programs, Evening passes are good for both daytime and evening programs.

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