Winter Season - Installment 2

Nov. 17th, 2019

Iron City Ninja, 859 Missionary Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15236

Registration for our second installment of the Winter Season is under way. At thus time, only those that have competed in the a prior competitive play event (only 1 at this time) are eligible to sign up. General registration will be open after 10pm on Friday Nov. 8th. Below is a link for those that have permission. 

Early Bird Sign In

Thank You For a Great Event!!!

We are so pleased with our SWPA Winter Season Event and it is ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! You allowed the aspiring Ninjas in our area to have an opportunity that will FOREVER change their lives. Many accomplishments were had and more gains are to come now that they know what to expect. More information regarding our next installment to come shortly. There will only be 3 total until our Winter break.

HERE is a link to the amazing pictures our photographer took to download for FREE. Be sure to tag us and share some comments of your experiences.


Steel City Ninja, L.L.C.